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Do you want to have a real unique and true Alaskan experience? Well, then become a musher, canoe through the wilderness, or see Alaska on a horseback with us!



The Paddler Day

Aussie Tree Climbing canoe and fishing trip

Get up bright an early and get ready for a fabulous canoe trip through the wild Alaskan back country. You will be in the midst of what looks like a post card, with the beautiful scenery of a winding river. You may also see a moose or two and will portage your canoe to cross a beaver dam. Some other wildlife you may spot are eagles, beaver, and ducks. The canoe trip can be between 4 to 8 hours depending on your level of fitness. It is perfect for families with kids; beginners to advanced groups.Want to stop and fish along the way? There’s plenty of Grayling. Bring your fishing gear and you can purchase a license on line.

$45 per person and everything is inclusive (canoe rent and canoe pick up/drop off ) plus accommodation if desired!



call for any information phone:(907) 590-8207



Musher Day

summer sled dog crewfind out what a Musher does on his lazy days

Arrive anytime during the day and you can meet our happy dogs. We’ll take a walk with the dogs (1 to 2 hours) through the Alaskan back country; we may get lucky and see some wildlife along the way. You will experience some of what a typical musher or dog handler may do off-season to give their dogs some exercise and maintain the kennel. Back at the kennel, you can relax in the shade on our beautiful porch overlooking the ponds or lend a hand at doing summer musher chores like painting, repairing or building a dog house. You can also help to prepare the dogs meal, feed, and water them.

If you want to extend and stay overnight we have accommodations for families and singles. You have a choice of Hostel/B&B/Trapper Cabin/Deluxe Cabin. We provide pancake mix to prepare your own breakfast and offer limited provisions so you can cook your own dinner.

$25 (you will need rubber boots) plus accommodation if desired!


call for any information phone:(907) 590-8207


Cowboy Day

discover Alaska from a horseback

horseback riding

Cowboy Day: Spend a day with the horses and see Alaska by horseback. Salcha’s Celebration Ranch is ready to show you the Alaska back country. Just enjoy your ride and depart or if you are a real horse lover you may want to take your hat off and visit a while. Your welcome to stick around and help with the stable chores, visit with the horses and listen to your host Kersten share her Alaska horse adventures.

$50 per hour on the horse plus accommodation if desired


call for any information phone:(907) 590-8207


Make up your own Package Deal

Paddler, Musher or Cowboy.

Spend one or up to three days and experience some or all of these adventures. Overnight stay includes pancake breakfast and limited provisions for lunch; all cooking is on your own or group. Accommodations separate and are priced for double occupancy (except hostel) with your choice of Hostel ($30), B&B ($85, $95), Trappers Cabin ($80), deluxe Cabin ($140), that meet your needs.




Tent camping is available as well;
$15/tent one person, $6/each additional person, sleeping bag at the dog Lot next to Sybil $10.



  • Musher day: $30
  • Paddler day: $45
  • Cowboy day: $50/hour



  • Pkg 1.Musher meets Paddler
  • Pkg 2.Paddler meets Cowboy
  • Pkg 3.Musher meets Paddler and Cowboy

call for any information phone:(907) 590-8207

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