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Mario and CurleyWhy being employed as a sled dog at 3 Dog Night Hostel is a good thing

Hi my name is Curley and I’m the main leader and speaker of the staff association. I will tell you why is it a good thing to be a sled dog at 3 Dog Night Hostel and B&B

Actually, the story is pretty simple to tell. We get fed very well with delicious food like moose, salmon and other healthy stuff. We have a secure job for 6 months each year, including free accommodation and free food, along with free health care. We have access to the best fitness studio in the world, “Alaska’s Frontier." Our job philosophy is to help peoples' dreams come true and what can be a better Job then that…to make people happy? Our accommodation is fully furnished with a nice cozy house filled with straw and a water bowl always full of fresh water; feeding times are decent too. The company also provides a cleaning & wellness service that comes by twice a day and looks at how we’re doing; snuggle time, twice a day, is inclusive. In the summer time, we have 6 months off and we are on paid vacation. Every day we get to walk for at least 2 hours through the Alaska interior, free as a dog can be; Sunday is off. We get several advance training and fitness program’s we can enjoy during the summer, like leader training, swimming or team motivation seminars and further wellness programs included . In additions, we get benefits for our retirement.

Any further questions about why it is a good thing to be a sled dog? Just give us a call or swing by and we can take a walk together through the outdoors of Alaska and have a good time at the 3 Dog Night Hostel and B&B.


Curley my mean leaderCurley takes it easyCurley what he does best, leading
Curley; Pack Leader, Playboy and Happy Sled Dog





“My good fellas are”

Jet our sprint championJet dreaming about runningJet is crazy



Jet is our sprint champion and she is nuts, all she wants to do is running and never ever wanna stop, she just has not time for that. In lead she sometimes forget to take a command because she is so busy with running and so excited about to run. She is a crazy but beautiful girl, lots of fun and just “Jet” the best.

Squonto is my heroSquonto babySquonto

Squonto is the brother of Jet and he is exactly the same as his sister, nuts about running and never wants to stop, just stronger and bigger as his sister. If you look in his eyes you fall in love with him because he is an honest dog.


Sibyl our free spiritSibyl beautifulSibyl

Sybil is our princess and she is retired. she walks all day long free around and controls the dog yard now, does make sure all the dogs are at home and in the house, if not she steals it for a little nap. She is our only Siberian husky and she is beautiful and just to cute for this world, that’s for sure.

Rambo one of our new leader superstarsRambo is a heroRambo

Rambo is my little super star and the first dog for my Yukon Quest team 2014. He is small, tough, smart and very bullheaded dog, just like me and he has a heart as big as Alaska. He only does make friendships for lifetime just like Rambo does.

hot day for PonchoPoncho always ready to goPoncho

Poncho former Yukon Quest dog in his prime time he was a hell of a sled dog, quite, tough with a very good pace and always working hard. Now he is retired and free, walks around checks out the girls and love to snuggle. Now he just enjoys live and you are very welcome my friend.

PJPJ free like the windPJ

PJ is the right dog on the wrong place. He is a hard working sled dog, he is a leader but he shouldn’t be in Alaska. Because he doesn’t have the right coat for Alaska he belongs to Australia kinda. That’s why we bring him in almost all winter long and he loves it being a house dog but is still a pretty good sled dog as well with his red jacket on all the time.

Noodle smilingNoodle teaching young leadersNoodle

Noodle is very special, she got special right and she does things nobody else would be aloud to. She is a old grumpy leader lady and she teaches all the young crazy puppies in any way and positions and she does it that good, that she deserves all those special rights she got. Also she is very cut as well.


JibJibilina is dreaming about foodJibilina with a flower


Jiba he is the strongest dog on earth if he would care about being strong. He is so strong, he is huge and beautiful but in the same time so lazy and very sensitivel. He could pull a whole sled easily by him self but he sometimes just comes along for a walk, and we still love him!

Jenny as a leader ladyJenny loves to snuggleJenny

Jenny is actually Jibilinas sister but she just turned into a super leader this year. She is fun to watch she loves being a sled dog and she is very good at it. She is the kinda dog how makes you always smiling just because in the way she is and this year she is the number one in lead so far. Love ya crazy girl!!

Gumpy white and strongGumpy tough wheel dogGumpy

Gamby, big white male and was hard working sled dog. But now he is kinda retired and enjoys live, while we have some walks together or he just comes along on a snow mobile drive. If you take him for a walk he never is leaving your side because he is just a good guy.

Cojote you wanna playCojote what a beautiful sled dogCojote

Coyote hard working sled dog only during the start he goes crazy about the dog next to him, as soon as you hit the trails, he is just working hard for you. Also he loves to snuggle and to be always with you to make sure he get’s the cookie first.

buddy mister coolsmart ass buddy using the bridge over the sloughBuddy

Buddy Boy he is about 6 years old but still a puppy, loves to play , to be with you and to snuggle. You put him on the sled he goes crazy and likes to make sure you hear him that he is there. On the trail he is quite and a hard working sled dog, a good leader once awhile as well depends on the mute he is in but usually he is a very good boy and lovely dog.

Bobi flyingBobi best sled dog everBobi

Bobi is the dream of any musher and wouldn’t he be fixed I would off have 14 Bobi’s in my 2014 Yukon Quest unfortunately he is fixed. Bobi is a very calm and hard working dog, a good leader and team player sometimes stubborn but still good in being stubborn. A little shy and it takes some time to warm up with him but he is an honest dog as honest as it can get.

acorn is funnyAcorn checks out the new dogboxAcorn our bat

Acorn is the kinda dog you actually barley notice in the first place, very calm and does his thing kinda dog. But you notice him very soon because he is small but good in what he does, being a hard working little feller. Good coat nice pace and a little bitchy once awhile so just a good sled dog you do want in your team.






The dogs' holy grail: the “food kitchen.”

moose steaks for happy sled dogsDog food kitchen






Silly Sled Dog Captions

a young moose wants to be a sled dog toohow do we get Monsterbaby in the dog box?
chicky wants to be a sled dog Sybil is checking the food kitchen

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